Frequently Asked Questions

Are there any risks involved with our  workshops?​​​​

Do we offer refunds?

Do I have to pick my project ahead of time?

WeWeWe use a wide variety of tools, paints and stains during our workshop classes, so precautions need to be taken.  If you have any medical history or condition that will increase your lchances of experiencing injuries or breathing issues, please ask us ahead of time if this is right for you. ​​
Due to the custom nature of our business any registration fees are non-refundable.  (our workshop fee will be credited towards a future date but never refunded). We ask that if there is case that may arise where you are unable to attend your workshop that you give us a MINIMUM of 72 hours.  
Yes! Our projects here in the workshop are fully customizable and because of this we need adequate time to prepare with materials. ​
Upon booking your class, your sign choice are due no later than 7 DAYS before your scheduled class. ***If your sign requires any special customization such as names, establish dates, etc this must be turned in at the same time. If this is not received then it will not be provided on workshop day.***

Do I need to have any experience in DIY for the workshop?

Do we allow alcoholic beverages?

 Can I bring my own snacks or food?​​

Yes, yes, YES! You will be responsible for setting up, serving and cleaning up any alcohol related products.  
Yes we allowed outside food and drinks. We ask that you keep food limited to snacks and finger foods due to limited space at the tables.
If you a have booked our workshop for a birthday party you may bring cake, food and presents! We do have 1 circle table available for these items. You are welcome to bring 1 fold out table for setup as well.

​No way!  Our workshops provide guided instruction that will walk you through step by step guaranteeing you leave with custom decor that you love.  All you need to do is  bring your creativity and a willingness to learn and we will take care of the rest.

How long does a Workshop last?

 Is there an age requirement to attend Oak & Pine workshop?

 Do I need to tell you in advance what colors and stain I want to use?

We plan for 3 hours! Time with flucuate depending on your group size. Sometimes it takes a bit longer with our larger groups.
Yes. Due to the materials being used, infants and children under the age of 16 are not permitted in any of our adult classes while a workshop is being held. If an attendant is unable to come without having to bring their infant or child, they will be asked to reschedule for a different workshop when they can attend ‘child’ free. This is simply to insure the safety of the child along with allowing our other participants to enjoy their workshop experience, especially if there is alocholic beverages in our workshop.
For children under the age of 16, we do offer the ability to book private children or teens parties! Contact our local studio for more information.
Nope!  When you arrive you will be able to examine our  wall of stain choices and paint colors. Your instructor will also help you choose a color palette that will complement your home best.  With 7 stain choices, over 30 paint colors and a mix of white washing techniques we are certain that you will have an extensive variety of choices to satisfy your design expectation. 

Can i change the wording on a project?

Do you sell custom signs

 Do you allow custom design requests?

Yes!  We have been doing custom signs now for over a year. While we are trying to focus mainly on our workshops we gladly still accept custom orders.  The customized signs are shipped from our workshop within 7-10 business days.  Questions about O&P customer orders should be directed to [email protected] or call the shop directly at 615-686-8898.
Yes! We try to accomodate any request made by the customer.  We ask that you do NOT pull your design ideas from other companies. Due to copyrighting we will not be able to match your design request exactly but we will do our very best to get it as close as possible.
As long as you are not changing over half of the design then yes you are able to put in a minor change. We will be able to add name, and establish dates no additional cost. 
More detailed customization and adjustments will require payment of a custom fee.

Do we offer private parties?

Do i have to come with a group?

​How do i register?

Yes, there is a minimum of 5 for private parties. There is a $25 non refunable fee to book the shop for private parties. This ensures that you get to lock in the date you are wanting. You are able to make changes to your date once before being charged another reservation fee.  When you schedule your party we completely block of this day to the public. 
​Absolutely not! We love our individual guests and big groups equally.
​A few different options are available for registering. 
1. You can call the shop directly at 615-686-8898 to book.

2. Find us on facebook and message us directly.

3. COMING SOON-At the home page, click calendar, pick your date/time, pay for your spot and you are set to go!